About Us

Cape Cod Cupola Co. is a unique shop, offering one of the largest selections of handmade quality wood and maintenance free PVC cupolas anywhere in the country. Each piece is individually made to the customers’ specific preferences. Our cupolas are constructed of durable materials, meticulously glued and screwed, and hand painted, not sprayed, with multiple coats of quality paint. We offer 87 “standard models” from which we personalize to your desires.
What truly makes us unique is our long running history of producing fabulous copper weathervanes. We have patterns for over 350 designs, and offer every one of them in 5 different sizes! Each weathervane is hand crafted, signed and dated by the skilled craftsperson who makes it. Every weathervane comes with the appropriate size brass or stainless steel rod, heavy cast bronze directionals, copper balls and locks. Unlike any other weathervane manufacturer, the weathervanes that we make come with a lifetime guarantee! We welcome custom designs.
Copper finials are also one of our specialties. Made to adorn the tops of turrets or gazebos. Our finials come square, round, hexagonal, octagonal, big, small, steep, shallow, quite simple or extremely intricate. Design your own by using our “finial components” chart, or simply fax or email a doodle with some basic dimensions and we will be quick to correspond.
With Cape Cod Cupola Co., if it’s a Cupola, Weathervane, or Finial, “The Sky’s The Limit”.
Cape Cod Cupola was established in 1939, when John A. Bernier, who was a custodian at Roosevelt Junior High School in New Bedford for 37 years, and his wife started making small copper weathervanes in the basement of their home to make extra money to help care for their son with cerebral palsy.
At first, the Berniers traded the weathervanes for eggs, which was a common barter arrangement back then. Then they placed ads for their products in the New York Times and their sales really started to take off. A catalog of several basic shapes formed the core of their work, but many custom designs were done, too, such as catboat-shaped weathervanes, modeled after the small sailboats seen so often on Buzzards Bay.
The Berniers moved to their present location at Wilber Avenue and State Road (Route 6) in 1950, when nothing stood on the site. Their son, John E., stepped up to run the company when John A. died in 1974.
Brian Chabot signed on with Cape Cod Cupola in 1977 as a weathervane maker and now manages the business.


  • Dear Sirs,


    "The purpose of this letter is to "Thank you" for being so helpful (and patient) to me in the selection of a Cupola for my new building. I was most pleased with your Cupola. Brian was most helpful and his suggestions were appreciated.


    My new building (Carriage Shed) is now complete and I enclosed a few photos of it with your Cupola." Thank you,


    E.H.Hearn, Jr.


  • Hello,


    "Sorry it took me so long to send you the picture.


    Of course the day I had my camera out the wind was out of the wrong direction. If I get better ones, I'll send more. I love my heron."


    Deborah Moore

    "P.S. Notice the weathervanes in the window! We think of them as art!"

  • Dear Friends at Cape Cod Cupola,


    I don't think I can find enough descriptive words to express how much my husband and I love, adore, FLIPPED FOR your fantastic cupola and outstanding, gorgeous, beautiful, PERFECT weathervane!!! WOW! They are so very wonderful!


    Most sincerely,


    Joanne Philpot

  • Dear Brian,


    "This letter is to tell you how much my wife and I like the bell tower that your company made for us. It is terrific!


    From my drawings and your suggestions the bell tower turned out great. I cannot imagine any improvements.


    Very truly yours,


    Jim Harvey

  • Brian,


    "Here are the pictures of our lovely Cape Cod Cupola. We have had people ask about it, so hopefully you will be hearing from some other Savannah residents.

    Thank you for the beautiful workmanship."




    Thersa Franz

  • Hi Brian,


    "I wanted to show you how beautiful the weathervane and cupola look!" 


    Many thanx, Marcia Strom

    Inverness, CA

Cape Cod Cupola as seen in Boston Design Guide