Q. How can I be sure I've selected the right size cupola for my building?
A. We realize that buildings come in many different sizes and shapes. The "rule of thumb" of 1 1/4" of cupola base per foot of roofline is for an average shape building with an average pitch. Example: Your garage is a typical two car garage, 24' x 24' with an 8/12 pitched roof. This, we consider is average. The rule of thumb would be spot on. A 30" cupola will look best. A 24' x 24' with a 4/12 pitch would be fine with a 26" cupola whereas a 24' x 24' garage with a 12/12 pitched roof may use a 34" or 36" cupola. If your building is unusually long but narrow, this rule of thumb probably will not prove correct. If you have any questions at all, please call us at (508) 994-2119 and discuss it with our friendly professionals.
Q. Can you come out to the house to make a recommendation if I am still not certain if I am ordering the right size?
A. We will be happy to do that, at no cost within a 50 mile radius of our shop here in Dartmouth.
Q. How can I mount my cupola if my building has a ridge vent?
A. We recommend notching the cupola base to straddle over the ridge vent, rather than cutting back the ridge vent. Our cupolas come with mounting instructions and are easy to install. Pre-drilled holes in the base of the cupola, along with galvanized 3 1/2" deck screws are provided. Give us your pitch verbally, or send us a paper template of your pitch, and we will be glad to cut it for you.
Q. What is the life expectancy of my cupola?
A.  A cupola made in PVC is expected to last a long, long time, likely 60 years or more. It comes finish painted white (or the color of your trim if you've chosen that option) and should not require any maintenance whatsoever. PVC is definitely the new trend. If you are ordering a wood cupola, take care of it, i.e. give it a fresh coat of paint periodically and seal any open seams and the cupola should last 35 to 50 years. Neglect to paint it for 10 years or so, and the cupola will only last for 20 or 30 years. We have several cupolas on our roof at the shop, all of them wood, and we paint them every 4 years. The oldest cupola is over 90 years old.
Q. By adding a cupola and weathervane to my home, am I more likely to get struck by lightning?
A. This is kind of a trick question. Mathematically the answer is yes, but only by .0001%. What you have done is raised the height of your home by a few feet. What this means is you've made the connection of a charged up ground and a charged up sky approximately 5 feet closer together. Chances are, if it is your turn to get hit, it would happen whether or not you have a weathervane. We have 7 cupolas on our roof and we don't loose sleep about it.
Q. Do you guys do custom pieces?
A. All the time. Custom work makes up about 15% of our work.
Q. Do you make cupolas larger than 48" wide?
A. We have on occasions but we are limited in our work space. We welcome your inquiries and can redirect you if it is something that we cannot handle.
Q. Do you repair or restore weathervanes?
A. Yes we do, at $60 per hour plus cost of materials. Bring by your damaged weathervane or email a few photos and we will let you know if it can be fixed and provide you with an estimate. We also do complete restorations of antique vanes including gold leafing.
Q. Do you have a showroom?
A. Yes we do! Coffee break is at 10:00 A.M. Help yourself to a cup.


  • Dear Sirs,


    "The purpose of this letter is to "Thank you" for being so helpful (and patient) to me in the selection of a Cupola for my new building. I was most pleased with your Cupola. Brian was most helpful and his suggestions were appreciated.


    My new building (Carriage Shed) is now complete and I enclosed a few photos of it with your Cupola." Thank you,


    E.H.Hearn, Jr.


  • Hello,


    "Sorry it took me so long to send you the picture.


    Of course the day I had my camera out the wind was out of the wrong direction. If I get better ones, I'll send more. I love my heron."


    Deborah Moore

    "P.S. Notice the weathervanes in the window! We think of them as art!"

  • Dear Friends at Cape Cod Cupola,


    I don't think I can find enough descriptive words to express how much my husband and I love, adore, FLIPPED FOR your fantastic cupola and outstanding, gorgeous, beautiful, PERFECT weathervane!!! WOW! They are so very wonderful!


    Most sincerely,


    Joanne Philpot

  • Dear Brian,


    "This letter is to tell you how much my wife and I like the bell tower that your company made for us. It is terrific!


    From my drawings and your suggestions the bell tower turned out great. I cannot imagine any improvements.


    Very truly yours,


    Jim Harvey

  • Brian,


    "Here are the pictures of our lovely Cape Cod Cupola. We have had people ask about it, so hopefully you will be hearing from some other Savannah residents.

    Thank you for the beautiful workmanship."




    Thersa Franz

  • Hi Brian,


    "I wanted to show you how beautiful the weathervane and cupola look!" 


    Many thanx, Marcia Strom

    Inverness, CA

Cape Cod Cupola as seen in Boston Design Guide