Why Choose Cape Cod Cupola?

Cape Cod Cupola has been a family owned and run business since 1939. We are a small company (less than 12 people) that manufacture top quality, handcrafted cupolas, weathervanes and finials using only top quality materials. Nothing here is mass produced. Nothing is computer aided in its construction. From the first push of a board past a sawblade to the last hand hammered copper nail, your cupola is made for you, just the way you ordered it. Our weathervanes are individually hand crafted by talented artists who take pride with every tap of the hammer and with every inch of solder they use to hold the piece together for decades to come.
We take great pride in our work and stand by our products. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service and we take the time to talk with you and recommend the best product for your needs. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.
We would not have been in business this long if both our products and customer service weren't superior. Click here to view what our customers have said.


  • Dear Sirs,


    "The purpose of this letter is to "Thank you" for being so helpful (and patient) to me in the selection of a Cupola for my new building. I was most pleased with your Cupola. Brian was most helpful and his suggestions were appreciated.


    My new building (Carriage Shed) is now complete and I enclosed a few photos of it with your Cupola." Thank you,


    E.H.Hearn, Jr.


  • Hello,


    "Sorry it took me so long to send you the picture.


    Of course the day I had my camera out the wind was out of the wrong direction. If I get better ones, I'll send more. I love my heron."


    Deborah Moore

    "P.S. Notice the weathervanes in the window! We think of them as art!"

  • Dear Friends at Cape Cod Cupola,


    I don't think I can find enough descriptive words to express how much my husband and I love, adore, FLIPPED FOR your fantastic cupola and outstanding, gorgeous, beautiful, PERFECT weathervane!!! WOW! They are so very wonderful!


    Most sincerely,


    Joanne Philpot

  • Dear Brian,


    "This letter is to tell you how much my wife and I like the bell tower that your company made for us. It is terrific!


    From my drawings and your suggestions the bell tower turned out great. I cannot imagine any improvements.


    Very truly yours,


    Jim Harvey

  • Brian,


    "Here are the pictures of our lovely Cape Cod Cupola. We have had people ask about it, so hopefully you will be hearing from some other Savannah residents.

    Thank you for the beautiful workmanship."




    Thersa Franz

  • Hi Brian,


    "I wanted to show you how beautiful the weathervane and cupola look!" 


    Many thanx, Marcia Strom

    Inverness, CA

Cape Cod Cupola as seen in Boston Design Guide